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Unshakable by Kelley York

In life, Caspian Del Rey's father was a collector of magical artifacts, trinkets, and fantastical creatures. After his suspicious death, all of these things now belong to Caspian himself. Eager to part ways with the business he believes ruined his childhood, Caspian begins selling everything to the highest bidder.

But the one thing he has inherited that he can’t sell is a magical contract binding him to Aislin, a creature unlike any he's ever seen. In the shape of a human woman, Aislin has all the powers of her unicorn ancestors; she brings life and peace to everything around her, along with the ability to deliver to Caspian dreams of all that he's ever wanted.

And now he wants her.

The more Caspian finds himself drawn to Aislin, the more secrets he uncovers about his father's past and the reasons behind his death, and why he needs to break the contract between Aislin and himself before his own life is forfeit.


About the Author
Kelley is a sucker for dark fiction and bittersweet romances. Her life goal is to find a real-life unicorn...or to at least write about them. She occupies her spare time with video games, graphic design, and having way too many pets.

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