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Soleli's Secret by JC Wardon

Will exposing her deepest desire set her free, or imprison her forevermore?

Hard work and never coloring outside of the lines, certainly set Soleli Cavanaugh-Hansen up for professional success. She is proud to be Dr. Hansen, even though her days consist of little more than work, sleep, and more work. Of course, she isn’t jealous she alone never received a hereditary mystical gift, like all the other members of her very large magical family. She would deny to her dying breath that she envies those who’ve found deep and abiding love with a partner, as her sisters and cousins have…. But something is missing, leaving her life less than fulfilled. She just wishes she knew what to do to fix it!

When a gorgeous genie suddenly pops into her life, saying he will grant her heart’s deepest desire, Soleli’s excitement skyrockets. She is certain now her humdrum life will take a sharp turn for the better, and the fascinating Hotel with magic of its own, is just the beginning. Only, the closer she and her Djinn become, the more she fears he may have an underhanded agenda all his own….

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About the Author

JC Wardon loves writing fantasy and spends her days weaving stories for those who love it as well. Though she has great appreciation for romances, a juicy and complicated plot is what she holds most dear. Danger, mystery, and magic are the life’s blood for her Mystic Waters Books.

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