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Feather by B. Brumley

Average is for the birds.

And Jane Jones is average in every way. With sixty-seven Jane Joneses on Facebook alone, it’s easy to disappear in Manhattan. So when the universe spins its web of chaos, Jane refuses to interfere. Saving humans is somebody else's job. After all, as a peacock shifter, she's just here for the buffet.

When the local wanna-be-a-hero-priest corners Jane in Central Park to warn her that she’s an assassin's target, she’s convinced he’s lost his mind. But it soon becomes clear that a shadow-villain is out to kill her. Plain Jane has a price on her head. Her only hope for survival is joining the priest's mysterious band of misfits.

When those plans fail, Jane does the most logical thing: she captures the would-be hitman and drags him to The Hotel for the weekend.

In a fancy room with six-hundred-thread count sheets and complimentary champagne, can Jane turn an assassin into an ally?

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About the Author

Bokerah Brumley is an award-winning writer from West Texas where she serves as the Publicity Officer for the Cisco Writers Club. She has too much planned for this year, but is doing it anyway. She lives on ten acres with five home-educated children, three dogs, two cats, and one husband.